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Cardiovascular Research Training Center Cardiac Research Imaging Lab

Florence Sheehan, MD | Research Professor and Director of Cardiovascular Research and Training

Dr. Florence Sheehan's Cardiac Imaging Research Lab's mission is to develop and apply accurate methods for quantitative cardiac image analysis and patient monitoring.


Dr. Sheehan is the principal investigator of two grants funding the development and validation of an echo simulator, and of grants that funded the technology foundation for the simulator and its educational software. She has devoted 31 years to the development and application of quantitative methods for analyzing images of the heart and other organs. These include a freehand 3D echo system utilizing a magnetic field tracking device such as will be implemented in the proposed simulator, the piecewise smooth subdivision surface method for 3D reconstruction, and Visual Guidance to assist inexperienced users acquire diagnostic ultrasound images in the anatomically correct view.


In 1990, Dr. Sheehan launched an industry-university consortium and directed it for 13 years until it concluded with delivery of multiple software products. Dr. Sheehan directs the Cardiovascular Research and Training Center at the University of Washington which has served as Core Laboratory for image analysis to 16 multi-center clinical trials.  She has founded two companies whose products focus on 3D analysis of the LV and RV, respectively from echo or magnetic resonance images.