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Applications from faculty should be submitted to the applicant's department chair, who should prioritize requests before forwarding them to the dean of the college/school. In non-departmentalized colleges/schools, applications should be submitted to the dean or his/her designee. Electronic applications are preferred, but for hard copy, please submit only one copy. You do not need an e-GC1 for bridge funding. The following material must be included in the application.

Your submitted application should include the following five required sections in the order listed:

  1. Bridge award eligibility statement - Please provide one of the eligibility statements below (whichever applies to you) to affirm that you are eligible for a bridge award. If neither applies to you but after reading the eligibility FAQs you believe you are eligible, please contact Linda Gamman ( to request a waiver.

    Eligibility statements:

    • I will not have more than $30,000 funding from any source for carrying out any research in my laboratory (either as PI or as a co-investigator on another PI's grant) by 6 months after the due date for this application (June 1 for the Dec 1 deadline; Nov 1 for the May 1 deadline).

      [example: I am applying Dec 1 and I have a grant expiring May 15. I am eligible.]

    • I will not have funding for more than 50% of my salary from any source by 6 months after the due date for this application (June 1 for the Dec 1 deadline; Nov 1 for the May 1 deadline).

      [example: I am applying Dec 1 and by May 15 I am losing my main grant so my salary will drop to 40%. I am eligible.]

    (Please see the FAQ document for answers to questions about eligibility.)

  2. Curriculum vitae, including record of funding for the past 5 years with dollar amounts and funding periods listed for each grant (maximum of 4 pages combined). You may list either direct costs only, or direct + indirect, but indicate which is listed.
  3. Demonstration of attempts to obtain funding (e.g. abstracts of submitted grants, panel summaries, priority scores or other evaluations and comments; do not send complete grant applications).
  4. Description of proposed research (maximum of 5 pages including the bibliography). The abstract of a submitted grant is sufficient, if it is appropriate.
  5. Budget and justification, including the match commitment (see below).
  6. Statement of how this funding will increase chances of future funding.

Submit all application materials to:


  • Linda Gamman
    Assistant to the Vice Provost for Research, Office of Research
    Telephone: +1 206 685-7641
    UW Box Number: 351202
  • Faculty with a track record of extramural funding who have lost all of their research support at the time of the Bridge application, or who will lose all of their research support within six months of the Bridge application deadline. Exceptions will be made for faculty who have lost or will lose 50% or more of their salary support. Such faculty are eligible for Bridge funding even though they have existing funding. Bridge funds from the Provost cannot be used for salary; required department and/or college matching funds can be used for any expenditure that supports research, including faculty salary. In addition, faculty members who have a grant that is restricted to pay only their salary (such as some NIH K awards) are eligible if they have no other research funding.

  • Junior faculty with a record of productivity who have exhausted their startup funds, but who have not yet obtained their first research funding (including an RRF award) either as a PI or as a co-investigator.

  • A facility providing a key resource to multiple faculty that has lost extramural support. One faculty member should submit the proposal on behalf of the team.

  • Faculty who hold an RRF award are eligible if the amount of the award remaining at the time of Bridge Funding application is less than $30,000. Please note that applicants who apply to both programs (Bridge and RRF) simultaneously will only be given one award. If an individual holds a Bridge Fund award and subsequently receives an RRF award of $30,000 or more, any remaining Bridge Fund monies must be returned.
  • In all cases, evidence must be provided to demonstrate efforts to establish or re-establish funding. Evidence such as grant reviews with priority scores will be used to evaluate these efforts. In addition, for faculty with joint, adjunct, or affiliate appointments involving the UW and a separate institution, eligibility requires that grants have been processed through the UW. If you process grants through the other institution, you are not eligible for UW bridge funds.

    Note: The bridge award program is not intended as a 'pilot' or 'seed' funding program. The primary university-wide program for seed project funding is the RRF program. Bridge Funding awards are typically used to support on-going research programs that have lost funding, although these funds may also be used to support new research directions, at the discretion of the recipient.


​Jenny Le
206 897-1630 []
Executive Assistant to the VP for Research and Project Manag, Office of Research
Box 351202